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All music produced, composed and performed by Louis Landon.
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I am still in awe of the organic process that happened with the making of this CD.

What inspired me initially was hearing the recorded piano sounds that PAUL HIRSCH was getting at ROSE'S LOUNGE STUDIOS. That led to five sessions of very creative composing, performing, and improvising. With the finished pieces of music I had no idea how to move forward. I was in new age music territory and I was too close to the music to put the songs in any kind of order for the CD. It was here that I had the good fortune of connecting with WILL ACKERMAN, new age guitarist and founder of WINDHAM HILL RECORDS. Will advised me on song order. He also encouraged me to take the time to edit out a short piece of music from a long improvisational piece that I had recorded. That song became "Majestic Sunrise," and it is one of my favorite pieces on the CD. I ended up having CORIN NELSEN master my project at Will's IMAGINARY ROAD STUDIOS. I am extremely happy with the results. This music is melodic, optimistic, and peaceful. Enjoy!

1. My Brooke
2. I Can See
3. Feel
4. Mindfulness
5. Peaceful
6. Freefalling
7. Sea of Darkness
8. Alone
9. Majestic Sunrise
10. Her Eyes
11. Music for Michael
12. Childhood's End

unwind  CD Review by Michael Woodhead  January 11, 2006
unwind  CD Review by Kathy Parsons  January 2006

This is what professionals had to say about unwind:

"I loved your new CD. I just finished uploading the new show to the website, so it will be up there from now until next Sunday am. I used two pieces: "Feel" and "Alone". So, so good. I also put a link to your website under my "Musicians" links. It is such a pleasure to receive something that is this good. Music like yours keeps the bar raised higher. Thank you for giving me something worth playing."
Anne Williams/Nightscapes/internet radio

"Evocative, emotional and heartfelt. Louis, long a composer of skill and depth, has taken his music to a new level of enjoyment and mastery. Listening to unwind, I was transported to a serene contemplative place like lying on a bed of leaves in the woods, gazing up through the branches of an old tree. Peaceful, yet challenging, honest, internal and real."
>Robin Thomas/Actor/LA

"The new CD is quite beautiful and I've already included one cut on this week's show at"
Pat Marino/DJ

"I have known Louis for many years, his music has matured into a very comfortable style. His latest CD is warm, inviting and shows us what a fine and sensitive musician he is."=
John Arrias/ Music Producer and Recording Engineer/NYC

"The sense of serious optimism in Louis's music made it the perfect choice for a recent film project."
Jan Ross/Director/eplanet films/NYC

" ...beautiful, deep, feeling and hopeful. I keep listening to it."
Richard Kane/Piano Restoration/Marin County, CA

This is what happy customers have to say about unwind:

"This CD has become a peaceful sountrack to my life. I play it constantly! There is a soulfull simplicity expressed in this music. I'm usually not a big fan of "just piano" music but Mr. Landon has surprised me with an amazing CD, rich with emotion and soul. I feel it is music where the artist has connected to a deep sense of being and perhaps channeled the human heart. I congratulate him as an artist and thank him as a listener."
Michaela Hughes

"In the first 10 seconds of the first track, you'll feel the tension fall from your body, like sand in an hourglass. What wonderful, heart-felt music. Bask in it! Thank you, Mr. Landon..."
William Spencer

"Wow, another wonderful recording by Louis. It is nice to hear Louis and his piano in this intimate setting. Great compositions, great sound, and great playing!"

"Listening to this CD is like having a soothing massage. I was enveloped by a sense of calm and peace by this beautiful and sensitive music. The title is most appropriate."
Libby Kane

"A friend of mine got me this CD for my birthday. When I listen to the music, I find myself relaxed and in the best of moods. It is magical."
< Jane Taylor

"I work with a population of children who are very stressed and anxious. I find this CD a great tool to use in de-escalating tension and stress. It works great for both the kids and myself!"

"Beautiful! This is such a stunning album for its eloquent piano expression. I find myself listening to it many many times. Thanks !!!"
Natasha Sanchez

"There is a healing and soothing energy that comes from unwind.I love to put this CD after a hard day. Its heals my spirit and regenerates me. I have suggested it to many people as the perfect gift!"
Debbie Major

"Thought provoking and soulful. Another winner from Louis. This album puts me in such a peaceful place that I would use it for any kind of healing therapy. Just Perfect."
Richard Wendel

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